Geocaching is an outdoor activity that brings treasure hunting into the 21st Century. There are 40 caches in Ramsey County parks and thousands throughout the state. It is a fun outdoor activity that gets individuals and families into the parks.

Geocaching is initiated by an individual hiding a cache, normally a waterproof container with small items inside, then recording the location with a GPS (Global Positioning Unit). The cache may be in a hollow log or under an object. The individual then posts the GPS coordinates, along with a description of the cache, on the geocaching website. Other individuals then try to find the cache. When it is relocated, they sign a log book, then take or leave a small item. They also post their find on the online log book.

Registration Form

Geocache Site Registration Form (PDF) (Word)

Parks Geocaching Policy

Ramsey County Parks and Recreation Department wants to encourage positive use of its parks and feels that geocaching can be a good use of the parks with the following restrictions.
  • Caches must be registered
  • Caches are not to be buried
  • Caches are to be 1/2 mile apart
  • Caches are not to contain items that are offensive, dangerous or illegal
  • Ramsey County retains the right to remove, or have removed, a cache it feels is in an inappropriate location or is causing undue impact on the habitat
  • Virtual caches only at Tamarack Nature Center
Geo Caching

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