Active Living Ramsey Communities 

Walking, biking – being active – is key to a healthy lifestyle. Active Living Ramsey Communities encourages healthy lifestyles by bringing people and resources together to build mor​e active, bikeable, and walkable communities.


Who We Are

Active Living Ramsey Communities creates and promotes environments that make it safe and convenient for everyone to be physically active in their daily routine.

Get Involved

Support efforts to make physical activity easier and safer. Become an advocate for your community or neighborhood.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Resources

Find information to promote active living in daily routines. Resources are designed for coalition participants and others interested in making communities healthier.

Be Active! Be Green! Bench Program​

Be  Active! Be Green! recycling bench routes link key destinations and enhance parks and neighborhoods – creating an environment where everyone can be physically active in their daily routine.


Find on- and off-road biking and walking trails in Ramsey County. Print maps for easy use.
Go Ramsey

Go Ramsey Communities Mapping Portal

Ramsey County residents and visitors can find places to be active in Ramsey County such as parks, trails and lakes using this interactive Web-based mapping portal.

What's New

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Active Living Ramsey Communities
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