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Recycling Bench Initiative

Active Living Ramsey Communities is working together with the Saint Paul – Ramsey County Department of Public Health: Environmental Health Section and Ramsey County Parks and Recreation to provide a series of bench corridors throughout Ramsey County. The corridors will provide a "community path to health, one step at a time" to create a physical environment to encourage walking. The benches are to be placed in a visibly continuous corridor so people are able to see the next bench—with the thought that seniors, people with a disability or small children can more easily make it to the next bench. Benches are made from recycled plastic and promote recycling throughout Ramsey County.
Active Living Ramsey Communities pilot projects are located in the City of New Brighton and the Summit-University neighborhood in the City of Saint Paul. The following provide descriptions of each bench project:

Application Materials

The following documents further explain the purpose of the recycled benches program and how to submit a proposal. Documents are in PDF format.




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