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The Ramsey County Parks and Recreation system encompasses over 6,500 acres consisting of six regional parks including a family aquatic center and nature center, six regional trail corridors, nine county parks,  nine protected open space sites, 11 indoor ice arenas and five golf courses. The parks and recreation services provided by Ramsey County complement services provided by municipalities to meet the needs of an urbanized population. The parks and open space areas held by Ramsey County represent the largest undeveloped land areas in the county. 

Ramsey County Mission Statement

A county of excellence working with you to enhance our quality of life.

Park Ordinance

Ramsey County Parks and Recreation has developed an ordinance for the control and management of parks, recreation and open space areas and facilities under the jurisdiction of the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners. 

Parks and Recreation Commission

The Parks and Recreation Commission serves as an advisory commission to the Parks and Recreation department and Ramsey County Board on matters relating to planning, development and operation of parks, trails, open space and recreation areas.

System Plan

The system plan sets forth a direction for preservation, use and development of the Ramsey County parks and recreation system. The plan is intended to be a land use guide that documents current and intended uses for all parks, open space sites, trails and facilities. The plan was established by the Ramsey County Parks and Recreation Department staff, Ramsey County Parks and Recreation Commission and the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners.
The system plan summarizes current conditions, and the recreation development plans and natural resource management plans from applicable approved master plans for individual system elements. The information contained in these master plans provides supporting documentation for the system plan. The system plan is a dynamic document, that may be amended over time to reflect changes in environmental factors, demographics, and leisure interests and trends within Ramsey County. Issues relative to operations, maintenance and programs are not addressed directly in this plan.

Natural Resource Management Plan

Ramsey County is the smallest county in the state at 156 square miles with a population density
of more than 3,000 people per square mile. Ramsey County’s parks are located in one of the state’s most urbanized regions and are surrounded by a highly fragmented and developed landscape. This population density puts tremendous pressure on the natural resources in the 6,500 acres of parks and open spaces managed by the Ramsey County Parks and Recreation Department (RCPRD). This plan guides the natural resource management for maintaining and improving the natural resources for wildlife habitat, while providing recreational opportunities and access for park users.

Donations and Gifts Policies

Ramsey County Parks and Recreation receives a large number of donation requests. Please review our Donation Policy​​ and Financial & Gifts Policies​ before making a gift or requesting a donation.

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