Ramsey County is home to a diverse landscape and animal population. Bird watchers will find a variety of bird species making their homes in the area. Butterflies flutter through open prairies found in 10 county parks. Ramsey County has a variety of habitat types and within those a wide variety of plants. There are over 1,250 species that are found in or adjacent to Ramsey County.  


Ramsey County has a range of habitats including woodlands and prairies. Each habitat has a unique mix of plants and animals that call it home. 



Plants and Animals

If you enjoy bird watching, tree identification or just seeing squirrels scamper through the grass, Ramsey County's parks and nature areas are your destination for enjoying the best of nature.



Natural Resource Management

Ramsey County actively manages parks and nature areas to ensure that animal populations remain in balance with the environment.



What's New

Bald Eagle Lake Alum Treatment Scheduled for Spring 2014
Controlled Burns Planned for Numerous Parks in April and May
Otter Lake Off-Leash Area Temporarily Closed
Volunteers Needed for April 26 Earth Day Parks Cleanup
Winter Restroom Availability in Parks

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