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Biking builds endurance, cardiovascular health, and muscle strength. Bike trails wind throughout Ramsey County parks, each with unique twists and turns and varied scenery. Ride at your own pace and skill level on paved trails. No matter where you are in the county you will find a bike route to meet your riding needs.

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Areas included: Birch Lake Regional Trail, Bald Eagle-Otter Lakes Regional Park, White Bear Lake County Park

Tamarack Nature Center

Note: Trails within the Nature Center are limited to hiking. Biking permitted on trails adjacent to Hammond Road and Otter Lake Road.

Central Lakes

Areas included: Vadnais-Snail Lake Regional Park, Sucker Lake, Lake Vadnais County Park, Lake Owasso County Park, Island Lake County Park, Lake Wabasso County Park, Lake Josephine County Park, Highway
96 Regional Trail

McCarrons/Trout Brook/Reservoir Woods

Areas included: Lake McCarrons County Park, Trout Brook County Trail, Reservoir Woods Park

Keller Lake/Lake Phalen

Areas included: Lake Gervais County Park, Kohlman Lake, Round Lake, Lake Phalen Regional Park, Keller Regional Park, Bruce Vento Regional Trail, Gateway State Trail 

Rice Creek Regional Trail

Areas included: Rice Creek West and North Regional Trails, Long Lake Regional Park

Battle Creek Regional Park

Areas included: Battle Creek Regional Park, Beaver Lake County Park. Mountain biking is permitted at Battle Creek Regional Park (Winthrop Street site)

Trail Rules

  • Bikers must yield to pedestrians/walkers/hikers.
  • Bikers should pass pedestrians on left and announce approach on left before passing.
  • Be courteous to others while using trails.
  • Observe (where posted) directional signs and speed limits.
  • PARK HOURS: 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset.
  • No motorized vehicles on trails.
  • No unleashed pets on trails; owners must clean up pet feces and dispose of in a sanitary manner.
  • Bikes allowed on paved trails only.


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