RecyclE at our facilities

When you’re finished with your beverage, you can now recycle that empty can or bottle. Look for recycling containers in county-owned golf courses, clubhouses, beaches, parks, and arenas. We have over 400 of them set out!

Recycling is easy and every can and bottle counts!

Encourage others in your group to recycle.  Recycling a single aluminum can saves enough energy to power a television for three hours. Recycling one plastic bottle saves enough energy to run a 60-watt light bulb for six hours. You can reduce waste and protect the environment.

The International Bottled Water Association has launched its twentieth "Every Bottle Counts" YouTube video, highlighting the importance of recycling receptacles in public places. 

Our containers are made in Minnesota

Did you know? The recycling containers in our parks are made by a Minnesota company that buys plastic bottles from recycling programs right here in Ramsey County. The old bottles are made into plastic lumber, which is used to build the recycling containers. Your recycling efforts at home and at work benefit the environment and support local businesses.

Questions about recycling in Ramsey County parks? Call the Ramsey County Parks Department at 651-748-2500 or email. 
For other environmental questions related to home or work, AskEH​.


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